and we're married.

goodness! a girl can get lost in her wedding planning. i miss it. like rrreally miss the planning. i've been staring at what husband calls "the scary blue book" (aka: my wedd-planning journal) which often times had lots of color prints and magazine tear sheets and notes sticking out from all ends. BOY, DOES IT FEEL GOOOOD TO BE MARRIED. I feel magical. and a little different. but good different. we had so much fun planning every detail, and crafting mustaches on sticks til 2am. so.much.LOVE.


two is a pair said...

Congrats!!! I loved following up until your wedding day! Your invites especially were to die for. You both look os beautiful and so in love! Post more pics!!!

Joslyn said...

what a completely gorgeous (fun!) wedding...and your shoes...swoon!