and we're married.

goodness! a girl can get lost in her wedding planning. i miss it. like rrreally miss the planning. i've been staring at what husband calls "the scary blue book" (aka: my wedd-planning journal) which often times had lots of color prints and magazine tear sheets and notes sticking out from all ends. BOY, DOES IT FEEL GOOOOD TO BE MARRIED. I feel magical. and a little different. but good different. we had so much fun planning every detail, and crafting mustaches on sticks til 2am. so.much.LOVE.


Alissa ♥ Ryan

Of all the weddings Ive ever seen, this is my absolute favorite. EVER. the ethereal vibe is right up my alley. handrawn invitations. ribboned chairs. and a field of lavender to boot! I should probably confess that future husband and I often turn to these photos for inspiration for our very own, we just can't help ourselves ♥ VIA STYLEMEPRETTY, PHOTOGRAPHY BY JOSE VILLA


Thomas ♥ Nikaela

I love sooo many details about this wedding. So much that it's 3:30 in the morning and after an accidental 3 hour "power nap" Im wide awake drying laundry and turning this wedding into an inspiration board. I think I might be a little obsessed over those Kelly Green Bridesmaids dresses..they are insanely beautiful and I now have a profound appreciation for the color GREEN. Photos by Red Photo Co. **SEE NIKAELA AND THOMAS'S E-SESSION HERE**


and off they go!

our lovelies. at the post and off they go. that much closer to our wedding day {BIG squeal}

our wedding invitations ♥

created by the lovely Anna Bond. genius that woman. G.E.N.I.U.S. see our save-the-dates here

a little package ♥

filled with big surprises! From Anna Bond ♥


NEW J. Crew

ch ch ch check it out. I have a crush on that pumpkin spice colored BM dress. Hair. Pearls and all.

Anna Bond goodness!

Soon-to-be-hubbs and I came home to find a little package at our doorstep filled with Anna Bond goodness for our wedding! Here's a little preview {squeal}


DIY Secret Garden

Im in-love. I cant stop looking at this post. Ive lusted over it at least a hundred times already!

Summer Braids



hello sunshine!

a little yellow to cheer me up GARANCE DORE

my weekend

im afraid ive spent the majority of my weekend lying in bed under a sea of blankets with a cold. a terrible cold. the worst in a long time. Alex let the sun light in and even that couldnt cheer me up. all i kept thinking was how i wanted be on the other side of the window. he did however let me snuggle up on his belly while he played with my hair and then i dozed off into a deep dark sleep. the future hubbs is so good to me. thank you hun for putting up with my whimpering and kleenex pyramid and prickly legs. i love you soooooooo much.


Cori ♥ Rollie

A hippie wedding. via BRIDES CAFE so much more here and here

Braided Bliss

Don't you just love braids? I do. My mother used barbie's hair as a demonstration and soon enough I was braiding all my dolls hair. I couldnt stop. They're just so darn pretty. via here

DIY: Photo Booth

How BEAUTIFUL & AMAZING is this photo booth?! Original and best of all a DIY! If you don't know by now, I love DIY projects and this is a keeper. via KISS THE GROOM


Mimi Fariña

Something about floral garlands in hair. sunshine. friends + family. homemade goodness and happiness. make me smile. alot. Mimi Fariña gets married more here


my weekend

brought me a lovely night of star gazing with future-hubbs. followed by very cool tales from his eagle scouting days which seriously make me love him even more. a morning date with two of my bridesmaids. home made red velvet cupcakes. a visit from my parents and lots of martha weddings reading. and i do mean ALOT.

NEW Anna Bond

How AMAZING is this invitation suite for Jennie & Ryan? Seriously. Smitten for the hundredth time today... RIFLEDESIGN



its one of my favorite things to do every morning, of course after snoozing the alarm to spend those ten extra minutes cuddling with the future-hubbs. I love love to visit Garance & The Sart for my daily dose of style inspiration, doesn't everyone? But when its Giovanna Battaglia, oh its extra special because as Garance plainly puts it: " Giovanna has an undefinable allure" she can wear whatever she wants and she still stays Gio. via GARANCE DORE


my weekend

brought me lots of friends over for hotdogs and hamburgers. a trip to find some succulents. long naps. yummy benedictine sandwiches. more watermelon. and fireworks. hope everyone had a happy 4th.

good morning ♥

a perfect little sweater to cozy up in while catching the sunset ♥ GARANCE DORE


Happy 4th of July

may your weekend be filled with lots of sparkle! photo via TEC PETAJA



ah, summer. so happy to have a pretty backyard with healthy green grass so the little ones can roll around and "practice" their cartwheel skills. and they have some mean cartwheel skills, just look at how they managed to land side-by-side.


oh to be in.love

loving these perfectly captured moments of real life couples via Chris Craymer found here

my weekend

brought me a deelish mandarin cupcake, wedding cake sampling with future-hubbs ♥ an outdoor dinner with friends, homemade wine-aspas (shaved-ice with fresh fruit and reisling) and lots of fresh summer corn..grilled and seasoned to perfection!


i ♥ hats. especially in the Summertime via WHOWHATWEAR



two years ago tomorrow, you asked me to marry you. and then there were fireworks. you are very good at surprises. and hugs. and making bbq's. i can't wait to marry you.

DIY: Polaroid Cake Topper

engagement shots by Stephanie Williams for Next Exit via OHJOY! visit here for Sam & Ian's brilliant polaroid cake topper!


those dance moves..

are forever my favorite. Michael Jackson 1958-2009 (gosh. what a sad day today) photo via google

a Farrah quote

"God gave women intuition and femininity. Used properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I’ve ever met." Farrah Fawcett 1947-2009 photo via google


DIY: Tree Pedestal Cake Stand

I'll be getting in touch with my crafty self over the next weekend to make a few of these sweet tree-pedestal cake stands for my wedding! Oh what would I do without Emily's genius DIY posts over at Once Wed


the go-getter

future-hubbs and i watched the go-getter tonite. he really dug the music and of course zooey. she's too cool.


braided bliss

found here

a neverland party

so clever and so cool. more here and your very own peter pan invites here