oh to be in.love

loving these perfectly captured moments of real life couples via Chris Craymer found here

my weekend

brought me a deelish mandarin cupcake, wedding cake sampling with future-hubbs ♥ an outdoor dinner with friends, homemade wine-aspas (shaved-ice with fresh fruit and reisling) and lots of fresh summer corn..grilled and seasoned to perfection!


i ♥ hats. especially in the Summertime via WHOWHATWEAR



two years ago tomorrow, you asked me to marry you. and then there were fireworks. you are very good at surprises. and hugs. and making bbq's. i can't wait to marry you.

DIY: Polaroid Cake Topper

engagement shots by Stephanie Williams for Next Exit via OHJOY! visit here for Sam & Ian's brilliant polaroid cake topper!


those dance moves..

are forever my favorite. Michael Jackson 1958-2009 (gosh. what a sad day today) photo via google

a Farrah quote

"God gave women intuition and femininity. Used properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I’ve ever met." Farrah Fawcett 1947-2009 photo via google


DIY: Tree Pedestal Cake Stand

I'll be getting in touch with my crafty self over the next weekend to make a few of these sweet tree-pedestal cake stands for my wedding! Oh what would I do without Emily's genius DIY posts over at Once Wed


the go-getter

future-hubbs and i watched the go-getter tonite. he really dug the music and of course zooey. she's too cool.


braided bliss

found here

a neverland party

so clever and so cool. more here and your very own peter pan invites here

in the future

husband-to-be and i will take a trip to Italy fall even more in-love and my wardrobe hopefully will look something like this.

my weekend

brought extra special hugs and kisses from nieces and nephew. an extra long morning spent cuddling with future-husband. homemade cranberry + walnut cookies. warm sun on my face. a pretty pair of jeweled sandals. margaritas & a bbq. a sweet baby shower. laughing with my sisters. a homemade rotisserie chicken. sharing an ice-cream sandwich. sarah magid's organic & chic book and a perfect braid photo via kellymccaleb


have a lovely weekend

via kellymccaleb

an {80s style} DVF wedding dress

view more wedding goodness here

Tess ♥ Adam

A woodland wedding that is simply too stunning for words. I cant get over her face and dress, like an 1800s photograph found in an antique tin box hidden away for years. More goodness here and more about the details here photography by Rachel Thurston

flora and henri

Im swooning over this childrens clothier. everything is just so so pretty. flora and henri



Sometimes I get the baby butterflies. Especially after I've just seen a too cute for words baby with a super cool room filled with a macaroon palette of tutu's who plays a mini grand piano and hides in a secret tent. I hope I get to be an extraordinarily great mom someday. I secretly can't wait ♥ via THESELBY Christina, Swaim & Lowe of Obedient Sons & Daughters

so adorable

the Thomspon family. and stylish too. Charles, Olya & their children via acupofjo

the top-knot

my all time favorite 5min. up-do. collage via WHOWHATWEAR


meet our save-the-dates

we're so smitten with our lovelies ♥ Anna Bond is a genius and everything she touches turns to gold.

Halli ♥ Adam

I keep coming back to this wedding! Its way too cool and probably one the of the BEST themed weddings. ever. I ♥ all the little Circus details; a giant tent, her dress, a kissing booth, fun food & string light dancin' see more wedding goodness here and here photography JOSH GOLEMAN

today im especially greatful for

  • bicycles
  • summer
  • a/c
  • pellegrino limonata
  • finding money in pockets of my washed jeans
  • old family photographs
  • regina spektor
  • running through sprinklers
  • crawling under the covers
  • staring contests with future-husband (that make us laugh hysterically)



orange + chocolate

i love anything orange and chocolate. the cobination makes my toes curl, seriously. im thinkin' i might just have to try out this recipe

happy list

  • counting the days til my wedding (98 today)
  • limon paletas
  • doing somersaults with jake and nini
  • tickle fights with alex
  • 60s french pop
  • mexican hotdogs
  • flea markets
  • walking barefoot
  • piourettes
  • fairy tales
  • holding hands
  • reading under the covers

Sarah ♥ Banjo

Im also crazy over the organic/ethereal vibe of this wedding. more here

Merrill-Ashley ♥ Tim

How brilliant is this engagement session! Im crazy over it! And best of all it was done DIY style! Lucky for Merrill-Ashley (bride-to-be) Tim Melideo (groom-to-be) is a photographer and with the help of a tripod...a vintage beach engagement session was born! I love the 50's beach vibe of them and of course it doesn't hurt that Merrill-Ashley (and Tim) run a cute vintage shop in LA, check out her blog for fab vintage finds. via GREEN WEDDING SHOES

Alissa ♥ Ryan

Absolutely my most favorite wedding of all time. Whimsical/Romantic/Bohemian/Organic and Heartfelt; just my cup of tea. And of course the talent behind all loveliness is a bundle-of-dream-come-true in itself JOSE VILLA photography, LISA VORCE {oh how charming} event planner, MINDY RICE florist...all too good to be true. Alex and I have been so inspired by all the little details (how could we not?) family style dinner, ribbons strung on chairs, family heirloom photograph centerpieces, vintage textiles basically my dream come true wedding. via STYLE ME PRETTY