I miss my bangs..

I always regret getting them but then I always miss having them.


put a little ♥

..in your home. feliz dia de san valentine.


what we'll be doing on valentines day

  • streaming paper hearts all over the house
  • having a summer bbq outside
  • running around the house
  • doing somersaults
  • baking cupcakes
  • eating cupcakes
  • picture taking
  • laughing
  • sleeping
  • eating more cupcakes
  • holding hands
  • so.in.love

from a little Valentine

My sweet Jake, Happy Valentines Day. Being your aunt is the greatest joy!

cupid, do you have it out for me?

just my luck. a throat infection 3 days before ♥Valentines day♥ Booooo. still won't stop me from decking out our apartment in hearts.. sweetlove, thank you for rubbing me down yesterday and letting me sleep in your nook and forgiving me for going 90 minutes over my cell phone bill. i♥you. photo credit, lelove


fridge makeover

My boring white fridge with no personality would love me for this

rethinking those wire hangers..

I normally abide by a no-wire hangers rule, but this little hanger made me blush. LiivianTalossa

Dear Domino, I've got the mean-reds.

Like MANY of you, my heart breaks at the thought of Domino no-more. I have treasured & carefully archived every single issue as if though each one were the last; often times carrying my beloved with me in my giant purse and always looking back to old issues for new inspiration which Domino never failed to give me. I owe many, many, many of my stomache butterflies to them.