the dress. the boots. the hair

i love everything about this photograph. a clear blue sky, sunkissed look. oh who am I kidding.. the VINTAGE MISSONI!! The Sart recently shot this in Australia and how I wish I was there.


i cant help but love this

i love being an aunt. seriously. and its the little things like taking an obscene amount of pictures of all the faces your little one makes that makes me happy and gives me the baby butterflies. via ACUPOFJO


Haute Farmhouse

sometimes I get rrreally excited at the thought of getting married {not only because Im marrying a handsome sweet man} but because soon after we'll be house hunting and furniture shopping {big squeal} and I only hope our home will one day look and feel as rustic and cozy as this one. Daryl Carter ELLE DECOR via HABITUALLY CHIC


Tallulah Morton

Hannah and Chloe

would make an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. mother/daughter duo. and are quite possibly my closet soulmates.


and off we go..

to Gruene & Austin! for a mini weekend getaway (as though a week long trip to Mexico weren't enough) what can I say..we just love to travel!


I got em' again {big squeal}


oh, and happy EARTH day

loving open foto albums

like this one from Garance Dore


and we're back!

from San Miguel De Allende with engagement photos, plenty of papel picado banners and miniature jarritos for tequila shots! Giant papel poppies our cake toppers and of course an antique bar! Who knew!


and we're off..

to Mexico for our engagement pictures, relaxation and of course to bring back lovely surprises for our wedding guests {big squeal}

looking forward to a lovely weekend



wedding buffet inspiration

alex and i really hoped to find the perfect outdoor setting for our wedding but our little city is much too small so we decided to bring the outdoors in and i think this table is just beautiful. via martha stewart

Gala Gonzalez

she gives new meaning to la perla stockings. check out her blog

The Vintage Wedding Dress Co.

Angela Kilanioti wears a 1950's ivory broderie anglaise and chiffon dress, Edwardian jacket and 1950's lace bonnet. Helen Dewar wears a 1940's style floral silk devore gown with hand washed silk sash. Lucy Perou wears a 1950's net and applique flowered strapless dress with 1960's veil. Jenny Jamie wears a 1930's lace dress with hand washed silk sash. THE VINTAGE WEDDING DRESS CO.

lovely summer looks

from sessùn via a glamorous little side project


Miss Brill

i have a little girl-crush on jen. maybey its because she wears red lipstick regardless of the occasion.. via VOGUE CHINA {TFS}

I need these moccasin boots

Margeaux Lonnberg via GARANCEDORE


i thought about Sarah Magid's cakes

all the while I worked out. they're so magical looking. via OHJOY

and we'll be eating plenty of this

yummm with three m's

Frida and Diego

today i took out our luggage and zipped it open and squealed then stared at my closet in excitement of our upcoming trip and then squealed some more.

a classic floppy

Miss Monroe

pretty lit up dresses

Tim Walker


I've got a crush on you

little MAYLE dress. You'd look perfect tucked inside my suitcase for Mexico. {sigh}

NEW Anna Melcon Bond

gosh her work is so dreamy. more here


i wish i had a window with this view. ♥amelie

Monday inspiration


note to self: recite this every morning

Don’t be a “get-this-day-over-with” person. Open yourself up to the rich blessings that God pours onto you at every moment of life. Value yourself. Put a little garnish. Enjoy life! Have some style! Create ambience in your life! Be five-star!

No, I’m not talking about luxury. I’m talking about enjoying life. About breathing with passion.

Sing. Dance. Dream. Stop to smell the flowers. Listen to the birds and watch sunsets. Play like a child. Eat more ice cream. Embrace the people that you love. Take vacations often. Give more. Smile more. Worry less. Say “thank you” with all your heart. Have more fun. Don’t be ordinary. Because you’re not. You’re God’s child. Live with gusto!

picture the moment


Mexico bound

in a few days Alex & I will be basking underneath the warm Mexico sun, consuming street car fish tacos and dollar chelas no doubt...and of course taking our engagement photos, {squeal}

Summer breeze

Im so ready to embrace summer and plenty of yellow. via THESART


Kim ♥ Brad

left a big job in tha city

a little tina turner to start my sunday. via DUSKIN


decor for your 20s

a perfect mix of modern and vintage, just my cup of tea. via TINYK

lipstick red

I once bought a pair of lipstick-red Miu Miu's on impulse just like these and then sold them on ebay. What was I thinking..